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One of the fundamental aims and objectives of Live For One (LFO) is Education. In this, LFO is educating children without forgetting other people outside this scope, especially school drop outs. The goal is to educate them until they become young adults who are able to go back to their families to break the chain of poverty and help them in their physical and spiritual development. This will be done through opening a nursery, primary and secondary schools. Live For One will be educating the less fortunate children of Rwanda, many of whom are orphans or those with single parents. We will provide a quality, holistic education for free under our sponsorship program. In nursery, these kids will be taught different lessons through songs and other methodologies that help them learn smoothly as they develop physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Primary and secondary students will also be taught in a curriculum that equips them for the future.


In addition to opening nursery, primary and secondary schools, Live For One intends to establish a university. All these schools will be Christian based.


Feeding the kids

Live For One is committed to providing porridge mixed with milk to the kids in nursery for the nutritional purposes to sustain them in their studies. These children shall also be given a meal. For most or all, it’s the only meal they can get the whole day. At their homes, it is not easy to get food on the table.


Adult Literacy

Live For One shall be offering adult literacy, particularly to school drop outs, to enable them have the skills of reading and writing. These basic communication skills and knowledge will help them learn the environment around them and gracefully deal with this complicated world. Through this education program for the little children, Live For One will also be training the parents in villages on how to parent and nurture their children both physically, psychologically, and spiritually.


This is the heart of Live For One Ministries. Every other activity revolves around this particular thing – Evangelism. As we do all those other activities mentioned above, the goal is to preach Christ and him alone crucified. We are living in a society that preaches the wrong gospel, which is no gospel at all (as the Apostle Paul says in the book of Galatians).


As a ministry, we thank God for his grace and a gospel that is faith-based. We long to preach the same gospel that our Lord Jesus Christ and His apostles preached. Live For One believes that studying the word of God is the top priority because only God has the power to save someone, moving them from eternal death to eternal life. As they Live For One, God changes their beliefs and behaviors for his glory. Therefore, Live For One teaches the Holy Scriptures in their original context as its cornerstone to teach the message of the cross.


Door to Door Evangelism

Live For One organizes door to door out-reaches, preaching the gospel of Jesus to one family at a time. It is through faith in Jesus Christ from the beginning to the end. In fact, the whole human being needs to be put right with God, our creator.

High School Tours

Live For One hosts several tours in high schools to preach the Gospel and express the love of God for us, inspiring the youth to follow Jesus and fulfill their God-given ministry.


Bible Study Lessons

Live For One conducts bible study lessons through organizing seminars and conferences with the goal of transforming people’s lives through the Good News. We organize seminars and conferences for pastors, church leaders and ministry participants as well as the youth in the whole country. Our purpose in this is to continuously allow Jesus Christ Our Lord to live in them, and they live in him for eternity as they patiently and passionately serve him.


Church Planting

Live For One has fellowship together with many people from local churches and individual followers of Jesus Christ both here and around the world. In this manner Live For One anticipates planting churches in every community across the country of Rwanda.

Empowering the youth

There is a saying that goes “The youth are the hope of our future,” but they are even the hope of our today. So we will be teaching the youth various skills and developing their God-given talents to serve their nation and almighty God. Live for One has created the Live 41 Youth Connect Club for this purpose. This club has the following activities and programs:

Youth Volunteerism

The club is introducing its members to volunteer with both government and community projects. There is much work to be done in Rwanda, and our youth are a big part of building a better future. As they serve through volunteering, they will also learn and develop essential life skills.


Career guidance

Live For One will guide young people on how to choose the best career through learning opportunities, mentoring, and exposing them to various opportunities and career paths.


Leadership & Public Speaking Skills

Live for One provides the skills that help young people confidently lead their fellows and speak before the public. This increases confidence in them as they seek opportunities for advancement and impact.



Our country’s history is dark. A lack of unity and an abundance of bad ideologies led to massive destruction and the loss of many lives here in the past. With NDUMUNYARWANDA (I am a Rwandan) ideology, and with unity as one of our core values, Live For One will teach biblical principles that promote unity and peace in our country Rwanda.


As the founders of Live For One, our education was sponsored by people we never knew, and now we are who we are because God used those people to bless us. Because of this, we are incredibly happy and this reminds us that we are blessed to bless. We feel that in our little capacity, but with big vision, each one of us can support and advocate for the education of at least one Rwandan orphan child. We believe that the little we have can bring a big impact to another person’s life. Live For One cares for the Rwandan children who have no father or mother and who live in a miserable life. We sponsor these orphan children by providing the following:

  • school fees

  • uniforms

  • shoes

  • books

  • pens

  • other needs


In this program, Live For One will be advocating for these children to get sponsors to help them through school. Through their education, we teach these students the Holy Scriptures contextually. Live For One also organizes various seminars and camps that will aid in developing these students toward a better future. We will develop each student in their faith, a passion to glorify God, a sense of hope, an unwavering commitment to the holy scriptures, Unity, character and spiritual formation.

Financial security through Agaseke program/Empowering women

This is a program where parents in the villages join their efforts towards achieving financial security and self-development. Through the Agaseke program, we are empowering parents by teaching them to save with purpose. By financially saving what little they have little they have for the purpose of bettering their families, we anticipate seeing the impact it will bring. As Live For One partners with these hardworking women who eagerly want to develop themselves and their families, we are teaching people to solve their financial problems through home grown solutions.


To empower women in income generating projects

Live For One will be empowering women to generate income through trade programs like sewing. This mainly involves single mothers. Women will be taught how to engage in income generating activities to support their families and be self-reliant. This will also develop confidence in the Rwandan women to play an important role in the development of our beautiful country.

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